Road to BEAST MODE. Week 2/12.

Another week in the books! This is the review for the second week of my 12 week program I'm doing. If you missed my first week's post, you can read it here. I'll start all my posts with the comparison pictures (since that's the best part I would imagine) and then move on to my daily parts. 



Day 1. Legs & Abs.


Decided to start the week off with legs again, since it worked well last week, just getting the hardest workout out of the way off the bat. 

2x Barbell Squat 16 Reps.
2x Wide Barbell Squat 16 Reps.
4x Seated Leg Extensions 16 Reps.
4x Laying Hamstring Curls 16 Reps.
4x Dumbbell Hack Squat (12) 16 Reps.
5x Seated Calf Raises 20 Reps.
4x Hanging Leg Raises 12 Reps.
2x Hanging Knee Raises 12 Reps.
(Zero) 15 Mins Interval Spints.

Yep, zero cardio done. Pathetic I know but I tweaked something in my right knee during some point of the workout but it didn't feel too bad at any point. I jumped on the treadmill, walked for a minute and as soon I put the speed up to where I was beginning to jog, my knee just gave way and was throbbing. Decided to live to fight another day and did no cardio, just went home and started icing my knee. Really hope it's not all my knee and just fatigue in my legs from the workout. Guess I'll find out tomorrow.  

Day 2. Chest & Triceps.

Woke up with my knee still feeling wonky. Iced it on and off a few times yesterday but it still doesn't feel 100%. Didn't cycle to the gym since I didn't want to put any pressure on it and hit chest and triceps.

4x Incline Dumbbell Press 16 Reps.
4x Flat Dumbbell Press 16 Reps.
4x Incline Dumbbell Fly 16 Reps.
3x Incline Barbell Triceps Extension 16 Reps.
3x Dips (11) 16 Reps. 
3x Triceps Pushdown 16 Reps.
15 Mins Interval Sprints

I felt my chest and especially my triceps get burned through this workout, I only didn't managed to finish the bodyweight dips but I think doing 11 each time was enough. I jumped on the treadmill at the end, just to try walking. Knee felt like it would hold up so I did the interval sprints for 15 mins and very thankfully nothing happened to the knee. 

Day 3. Shoulders & Abs.

It was a struggle to put my arms straight this morning, haha. Which is good, means I killed my triceps yesterday. Chest doesn't feel too sore. Knee feels great normally but it does feel off when walking up or down stairs so I'll still have to be careful with it. 

4x Dumbbell Shoulder Press 16 Reps.
4x Seated Side Lateral Raise 16 Reps.
4x Reverse Flys 16 Reps.
3x Front Incline Dumbbell Raise 16 Reps.
4x Dumbbell Shrugs 16 Reps.
5x Lying Leg&Hip Raise 20 Reps.
15 Mins Interval Sprints.

Shoulder workouts always suck for me. I always feel like I'm in so much pain, especially in my delts. It's a weird feeling to explain if you've never experienced it before. Feels a little nauseating at times. Knee held up and I managed to get my sprints in. I considered pushing a little longer but ultimately decided to quit while I was still ahead. 

Day 4. Back.

Really struggled to shampoo my hair this morning, which was brutal. Could still feel a little soreness from my triceps and legs but nothing too bad. In this workout I did 2 exercises to failure, so the reps in bold are what I managed to achieve in each set.

3x Pullups To Failure. 10,8,7
3x V-Bar Pullups To Failure. 8,7,5
3x Single Arm Dumbbell Rows 16 Reps.
3x T-Bar Row 16 Reps.
3x Wide-Grip Lat Pulldowns 16 Reps.
3x Deadlifts 16 Reps.
15 Mins Interval Sprints.

It's been awhile since I've done pullups at that volume(Yes, I know it isn't much). That was horrible, very frustrating to be able to only hit those numbers. Think I tried pushing myself to get back into it too quickly without letting my body rest enough between sets. Oh well, live and learn. Knee felt perfect, hope that's the last time in these 12 weeks I'll have to worry about it. 

Day 5. Biceps, Calves & Abs.

I woke up and my back felt like a rock. I told myself to stretch and foam roll before I went to bed but I got home exhausted from PT sessions and just couldn't be arsed. Slightly regret that now, ha-ha. 

3x Seated Dumbbell Curls 16 Reps.
3x Preacher Curls 16 Reps.
3x Lying Cable Curls 16 Reps.
4x Standing Calf Raises 20 Reps.
4x Cable Crunch 20 Reps. 
4x Weighted Crunch 20 Reps.
20 Mins Interval Sprints. 

Very smooth session, felt I got a really good pump from the lying cable curls. Really enjoyed this workout. Probably also because it's the last session for the week, yay weekend. 


Like last week, I'm really glad with myself that I smashed all 5 workouts in a row. Didn't let myself stop or take a rest day since now I'll have the weekend to rest. Of course being the silly person I am, I used that rest time to "catch up with friends", I'm sure you know what that means. I kept it pretty respectable though, which is being a new thing for me.. 

I did some stretching and foam rolling over Saturday and Sunday. I wanted to squeeze in a run or two and some kettle bell sessions but ended up just having other stuff to do, work, drink, etc., and my body really wanted to rest so I let that slide. 

The coming week(which has started as you are reading this) is going to be lots of high volume sets, mixed in with supersets and drop sets. It's going to be brutal but I'm looking forward to it and really pushing myself even further. 

Hope you had a great weekend! 

Till next week,


5 reasons why Online Fitness Training might be for you.

Over the last couple weeks, especially after my retirement blog post, I've received a lot of emails about Online Fitness Training, why it can be preferable in your situation, how it works, if it's better than in personal training and plenty more. Below I try to answer some of these questions. 


1) It is effective. 

Online Training is extremely time effective for both you and your trainer. No more worrying about scheduling clashes, last minute cancellations which cost you one session's price, planning your sessions weeks or months in advance. If you currently have a personal trainer, how many times have you had to cancel last minute because something at work came up or your kid needed to see the doctor? As a trainer, I can tell you these things come up all the time and rescheduling can be difficult with tight schedules, which leads to less progress for the client since so much of training progress is from consistency. Online Training takes away this problem to an extent. All you need is to get on your smartphone app or computer to see what today's workout is and plan it into your day at your convenience, allowing you to work around last minute hiccups. 


2. It is less expensive. 

Earlier, when I mentioned how Online Training is more time effective for both you and your trainer, I'm sure you were thinking to yourself, "why the hell would I care if it's more time effective for my trainer?". Good news, because that's why it costs you less money. Since your trainer doesn't have to be there physically with you at every session, that brings the cost of training down significantly. Your trainer will write your programme for you, tell you when you should preferably train, without having to meet with you personally. Of course your trainer will be contactable via Skype, email and the like, so don't worry about communication and your questions when you need help. 


3. Total freedom of location and time.  

Since your training programmes are sent to you electronically, normally through a smartphone app or online, you don't have to worry about your or your trainers location in the country or even the world. You can access your programme anytime or anywhere, which is great if you travel for work a lot or have an unusual work schedule, two issues which can make it  difficult to schedule with a trainer in person. 


4. Ease of communication. 

Since the costs of communication are built into the package you pay for when purchasing from your trainer, you don't have to worry about when you can or cannot contact your trainer. Conventional training usually ends up with you only conversing with your trainer when you see them at sessions. With online training, you can message your trainer at anytime with questions, through an app or email them and have them reply within an agreed upon time. This of course doesn't mean you should message your trainer everyday with questions like why your legs are sore after squatting yesterday. ;) 


5. Is Online Training better than In-person Training? 

Neither is any better than the other. Both services cater to two different markets. In-person training is very effective for people who need to be held accountable and need someone next to them who constantly can motivate them and stop them from quitting. Also if you need a spotter and someone to show you how to properly perform a lift. While Online Training usually comes with instructional videos on how to perform every lift/exercise in your training programme at your fingertips at all times(my service comes with an app available on smartphones with all videos available), this will never be better than having someone there in person to show you. 


Is Online Training for you? Hopefully this article helped you make up your mind a little better. If you have a question I didn't touch on or any other query, feel free to use the contact form below to get in touch!  

If you would like more info on my services, online and in-person(Singapore) click below.  

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My Curtain Call.

I'm sitting on a beach in Bali, ice cold beer in hand, watching as the waves crash onto the beach. The amazing sun set is yet another reminder of why I am so grateful for the life I have. The life I've managed to live the last three years of my life. 


We'll go back a bit. Four and a half years ago, I walked into a now defunct MMA gym, just as a 18 year old boy looking to train for fun to keep fit. Two sessions a week quickly turned into six. I was in love with the sport. What had started out as something that was "for fun" had turned into a burning desire to compete. With a lot of luck and self promotion, I got an opportunity, ONE that literally changed my life. I signed a deal with ONE Championship and had my debut fight 18th October 2013, almost exactly two years after I started training. 20 years old, walking out into a stadium of roughly 10,000 people. It is to date, the most surreal experience of my life. I remember being in the locker room warming up trying to understand the gravity of the situation I was in. My dreams, everything I wanted, were finally in my reach. All I had to do was go out there, put on a show, get my hand raised and my life would change forever. 30 minutes later, I was no longer the same person who walked into that stadium just as a boy with a dream. I won and had taken the first step into what I can only describe as a journey of memories I will cherish and remember for a life time. 


I had varying success after that, losing my second fight, winning my third and finally losing my forth. A whirlwind adventure that I feel is finally time to be put to bed. Why? For a couple of reasons. One, I don't think there is enough money in the sport. The sport is still very young in Asia and while it's growing incredibly fast, I'd rather not take the risk of being 28 years old, broke with a broken body. Which leads to my other reason, I don't want to get older and have my body falling apart, stammering and bad memory. Don't get me wrong, I am extremely grateful for the opportunities that have been presented to me and most days I can't believe this is the life I've been able to live. 


This could go on forever, but I'll try to keep this part as short as possible.

I'd like to thank Victor Cui, Matt Hume and everyone else at ONE Championship, who've been nothing short of amazing to me. I've always been well taken care of by them and I will forever be in debt to them for helping me realise my dreams.

Ahmed and Arlene at Trifecta Martial Arts for doing more for me than I can possibly remember individually,(this might have something to do with getting punched in the face a lot. ;) ) for building an amazing gym family that was an absolute honour to be a part of.

Ahmed, Luke and Ron from Trifecta as well, for always being there for me, punching me in the face and letting me punch you in the face. I wouldn't have been able to gone remotely as far as I have without the 3 of you by my side. 

The coaches and students at Trifecta who make it the BEST place in Singapore to train at, I thank you all for the countless hours on the mats together and the friendships I have built. 

Gavin, my manager from Fighter Services for always being there for me and taking things off my hands so all I had to do was training and try to be the best fighter I could be.

My friends and family, who have been so supportive of what I chose to do, thank you for always standing by me, in the highs and lows of this roller coaster ride. 

My fans, who have helped me get to where I am today, no matter which part of the roller coaster you got on, I am forever grateful for your support and passion for this sport and it's fighters.

All my sponsors, past and present, for your endless support.

Lastly, I'd like to thank all my past opponents for getting into that cage with me and doing battle with me. I respect all of you so so much and wish you the very best in your fighting career. 


With every chapter you close in your life, you start writing a new one and I look very much forward to mine. I'm going back to school, going to get into more media work and focus a lot on my Personal Training business. Some day, I hope every blog post of mine starts exactly the way as this one did. A boy can dream, right? :) 

If you're looking for in-person training in Singapore, or an online trainer, please contact me and we can get to work! 

For everyone that always asks about the Villas I stay in on holiday, click this link to get $20 USD credit on Airbnb. Maybe that can be my next job, holiday planning. ;)


Thank you for reading, thanks for the memories.

Stephen Langdown.